You are missing the entire point, I don’t like horoscopes and I don’t use astrology to predict or tell people what they should do. I find astrology to be a useful self-awareness tool when used for understanding complexity of personality. What I offer is an appreciation of what the Greeks knew thousands of years ago, that there is a relationship between the cosmos and the human. It’s my job to understand more of what that relationship is and how to come into alignment with it. I realize you aren’t open and actually don’t seem to understand what astrology is beyond your own ideas of it. My entire thesis work was about this relationship between the humans and the stars, it is a symbolic relationship like dreams. To make it anything else I think is irresponsible, and I think that is what you are referring to. This article points clearly to the fact that the goddesses are a symbol of virginity, just as the stars symbolize our relationship to the whole. This approach to astrology doesn’t seem to make sense to you and your condescending manner doesn’t feel good. Just because I look for symbolism and we have differing views doesn’t mean I am less smart or deserve to be talked down to by someone who doesn’t have the same information.

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Enchanted with Earth & Ether | M.A. Philosophy, Cosmology, Consciousness | Archetypal Astrologer & Writer |

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