Astrology of COVID-19: Disease Disaster

Rebecca M. Farrar, M.A.
7 min readMay 18, 2020

I don’t often use the word “disaster,” but when I do, I mean it. The word disaster comes from Greek and Roman meaning “ill-starred.” And that feels pretty accurate to me — currently many things feel unwell of sky and body.

Astrology can provide insight into patterns and larger cycles of experience…though I hesitate when using it for predictions. And as it relates to COVID-19, it almost feels too soon or insensitive to pretend to know what’s going to happen or the entire picture of this pandemic. Sometimes astrology gets used as a placeholder or scapegoat instead of feeling the discomfort of the unknown. I don’t want to create a blanket of cozy devoid from acknowledging the sadness and devastation that many, including myself, are experiencing.

Because astrology operates on both the personal and collective levels, to understand large-scale events and moments in history astrologers focus more on the outer planets or “transpersonal planets” that connect us to the whole. They move the slowest and point to collective and generational shifts we experience together, instead of personal planets or asteroids which move more quickly. Planetary bodies such as Venus or Mercury orbit closer to Earth and have a deeper connection to our immediate lives, therefore, are referred to as “personal planets.”

While the personal planets Mercury, Mars, and even the asteroid Hygiea have certainly been a part of this Corona constellation, I’m focusing on the outer planets for the larger threads we may be noticing collectively. And as with all astrological interpretations, this is through my own lens and chart…so take what you will or ill.;) Here are the “disasters” and their related themes that I’m paying the most attention from March through now:

  • Chiron squaring lunar nodes // Healing and Feeling Initiations & Many versions of Truth
  • Pluto conjunct Saturn // Great Grief and Collective Cocoon
  • Saturn into Aquarius // #alonetogether
  • Pluto square Eris // Uncovering Chaos and Xenophobia or Shame & Scapegoating
  • Sedna trine Pluto squaring Jupiter // Earth & Indigenous Wisdom as Morality Ideals

Healing & Feeling Initiation: Chiron squaring Lunar Nodes
When in Cancer and Capricorn As…

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